The Textile Section is the foundation of our present ever-expanding factory on which we built our reputation upon our technician, staff and skilled workers are truly professional and fully dedicated to their respective assignment.The working environment of the factory is very much congenial with neat and clean atmosphere.Power supply, Gas, Water and all other utilities are available round the clock. The factory has its own generator to continue working in the event of power failure. We also have own water treatment plant and ETP plant is under processing .We produce various kind of yarn like – cotton & mixed yarn ./ We believe that in Bangladesh we are the first yarn dyeing factory  to start at a time highest capacity production

We strive to delight our customers by continuously improving the quality of products and service. Our company commitment is –our customer’s satisfaction.Because we believe that quality of products and on –time delivery is vital to our customer’s success and is a key determinant of our own success. We pay special attention for quality and best service. We also provide very low and competitive pricing