Fair Trade Group is one of the largest woven composite function industry in Bangladesh with a complete vertical set-up of vast production capacity which manufactures and produces: woven fabrics, apparels, garment dyeing, denim washing, yarn dyeing and processing including zippers (Metal, Vislon and Nylon), snap buttons, woven tape and elastic.

The Factories are located 40km away from Dhaka City in Shafipur of Gazipur district that comprises of the most modern machineries and is operated by foreign skilled workforce. The factory buildings are built over approximately 16.5 acres of land that is within one boundary and is in 100% compliance with International Standards.

Mr Jasim Ahmed, the Managing Director, started his first industry by establishing a textile factory in 1983 in the village of Shafipur, which had no infrastructure back then. The company started producing for the local market initially and then started exporting fabrics for ready-made garments along with shop towels and OSNABURG gray fabrics to the USA. He started expanding his business towards a composite industry from 2002, which has turned not just his business but also the same village into a magnanimous major industrial zone. The contribution of Mr Jasim Ahmed is well laid by his hard work, imagination, determination and commitment.

The venture is a visionary demonstration of Fair Trade Group to establish a 100% export oriented industry with state-of- the-art Technology to cater the demands of its valued customers throughout Europe, USA, South America and Canada. Our mission is to provide absolute satisfaction and commitment to our customers and consumers with high standard of products and quality services, where customer’s preference and choice is paramount.

Fair Trade Fabrics Ltd

Fair Washing Ltd (Unit-1: Apparel & Garment Washing Unit)

Fair Washing Ltd (Unit-2: Washing & Dyeing Unit)

Fair Zipper & Yarn Dyeing Mills Ltd

Fair Acrylic Yarn Processing Ltd

Fair Packaging Ltd

Fair Sewing Thread Ltd

Beats Fashion Ltd



Fair Trade Fabrics Limited (Weaving Unit)

Fair Washing Limited (Apparel & Washing Unit)

Fair Washing Limited (Garment Dyeing Unit)

Fair Zipper & Yarn Dyeing Mills Limited (Zipper, button, belt, elastic & Dyeing Unit)

Fair Yarn Processing Limited (Cotton Yarn Cone Dyeing Unit)

Fair Acrylic Yarn Processing Limited (Acrylic & Blends Yarn Hank Dyeing Unit)

Beats Fashion Limited (Apparel Manufacturing Unit)

Fair Yarn Twisting Industries Ltd (Yarn Doubling & Twisting Unit)

Fair Sewing Thread Limited (Sewing Thread Manufacturing Unit)

Fair Packaging Limited (Cartoon Manufacturing Unit)